gfhfg h & Jagruti Pandya Wedding Date: 2nd May, 2018

We met through JS platform, I got a request from Ritika and scrolling through her profile, I realized that professionally and personally, she has the traits that I was looking for in my partner. Hence, I accepted her invite and the very next day, we had our first call. Would you believe it, we ended up talking for 45 mins on our first call, that too when we both were in our respective offices. But even after the call, it seemed that plenty of conversations are still pending. The same night, we ended up texting each other till late hours. Gradually, the inflow and outflow of calls and messages increased, there was something that we liked about each other and the excitement to meet each other quickly reached its peak. Finally, we met after about 10 days, and in the very first meeting, we both had secretly decided that this is the person we need to get married to. Post that, we began meeting more frequently, started spending quality time together, fell in love and let me tell you, that’s the best feeling in the world (specially when it comes in the case of an arrange marriage). We tied the knot in April, 2018 and have begun this new, fantastic phase of life. That instant click happened in our case, cupid had struck both of us and it would be right to say, that God had conspired us to be together. One advice for those still looking for a match – Be patient, take your time and remember, “God definitely has a plan for you”
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